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It has been clinically proven that the AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump from Philips is as effective as electric pumps that are in used in hospitals. When it comes to breast pump design, the ISIS Manual Breast Pump is a breakthrough, as it makes manual pumping as easy as possible. The compact size makes it convenient to carry around with you.

100% reliable vacuum is provided by the silicone diaphragm of this Avent Isis pump, while the suckling action of a baby is imitated by the Let-down Massage Cushion. As a result, fast milk flow is provided – comfortably, gently and silently. All parts of this pump are dishwasher safe, while the pump itself can be assembled quite easily and can be used discreetly.

Breastfeed longer with the Avent ISIS manual breast pump

When nursing mothers are at work, out for a few hours or taking a well deserved rest, it can become difficult for them to breastfeed their baby. Fortunately, with the AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump, they can express and store their milk so that even when they are not around, their baby can enjoy the benefits of their breast milk.

Since the pump is discreet and silent, it can be carried along anywhere, so milk can be expressed by nursing mothers at their own convenience and their milk supply can be maintained. Since natural breastfeeding is specially mimicked by the AVENT Airflex Teat and Bottle, a baby will not even notice the difference when being switched between breast and bottle. This way, even when mothers return to work, they can continue providing their baby with their breast milk.

Gentle vacuum and massage stimulation

Gentle vacuum and massage stimulation are used by the AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump so that milk can be expressed once let-down is achieved requiring only occasional compression of the handle. Based on clinical proof, this pump is as effective as an electric pump.

A natural milk flow is stimulated by the let-down massage cushion; as a result milk is expressed more quickly while no discomfort is caused. With this pump, expressed milk can be conveniently stored using any AVENT bottle.

With its discreet, quiet operation, nursing mothers can pump whenever and wherever they need at their own convenience. Since this pump is so simple to use and can be cleaned so easily, so it is an ideal option for nursing mothers who are new to using a pump.

BPA free plastic parts

All the parts of this Manual Breast Pump from Philips are made of 100% BPA free plastic. The parts include 125 ml bottle, bottle adapter, dome cap, funnel, funnel cover/stand, handle, locking ring, newborn teat, pump body, pump cover, silicone diaphragm and stem, silicone petal massager, travel cover and white valve.

Product overview

A quick overview of the ISIS Manual Breast Pump from AVENT:

  • Efficient, easy to assemble and quiet
  • Flexible and portable
  • Patented massage cushion
  • BPA free bottles

It is really easy to take this breast pump apart and put it back together again. Similarly, cleaning it and keeping it hygienic is also a breeze. Moreover, an adapter can be used to convert any other bottle to be used with this breast pump. So, as based on the clinical proof, the AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump is a very effective breast pump, and provides excellent value for money.

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