Breast Pump: Your Friend When You Return To Work

You can still breast feed even if you are planning to go back to work.  If you live near to work or have a day care on site, you may have the ability to breast feed throughout your breaks. If that isn’t really possible, you have 2 choices: 1. You can express your milk through the use of a breast pump and then save it for later use. Conserve your milk that you gather for use by your baby sitter.

Second, you can alternate between formula and  breast milk. This needs to be the second option as babies who are exposed to formula milk will find it hard to swallow your breast milk. If you do not want to or can’t pump at work, you can progressively replace daytime feedings with formula while you’re at home but still continue to nurse at night and in the morning. The milk your body produces might not suffice to keep your baby satisfied, even if you only need enough for 2 feedings.

Benefits of pumping at work:

Pumping at work will  stimulate your production of milk, so you’ll have plenty available when it comes time to feed. You can also collect the milk you pump, so your infant will certainly have the health and dietary benefits of breast milk even when you aren’t there. To make things much better, pumping can be a perfect method to feel a connection to your infant throughout the work day.

Although it can appear like a headache, lots of mothers discover that the advantages of breast pumping far surpass the hassle.

To manage pumping at work, you’ll have to have the following:

  1. Breast pump, ideally a fully automatic electric pump with a double collection kit so you can pump both breasts all at once.
  1. Bottles or bags for gathering and saving the milk.
  1. Access to a refrigerator or cooler to keep the milk cold until you return home.
  1. Breast pads to help prevent soiling your clothes if your breasts start to leak.

Ensure that you get  used to pumping prior to you going back to work, so you’ll understand exactly what to expect and how it feels. You’ll be much more confident with pumping at work if you already know that you can produce sufficient milk and you’re comfortable with your breast pump.

At work, you’ll want to have someplace that’s away from everybody else when you pump, such as an empty workplace or empty room. In this manner, you’ll be away from everyone else and you can have the privacy you need to pump. In the majority of workplaces, this shouldn’t be an issue.

For the time being, you’ll want to pump every 2 – 3 hours if possible. The majority of breast pump kits have bottles that are connected to them for simple storage.

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