Tips On How To Pump Breast Milk!

Pumping breast milk is not something that comes naturally to women. This means one has to learn this skill to be able to pump milk properly and in sufficient quantities without getting your breasts hurt. Take a look at few tips to help you manage this process better.

How To Pump Breast Milk:

There are two options on pumping your breast milk. You may either use a breast pump or do it by hand. Hand pumping is a time consuming process. Here we will focus on using a breast pump. There are two kinds of them: electric and manual (hand pump). The core difference between the two is that electric pump allows you to cut down the time spent on breast milk pumping.

Using a hand pump may take you 3 quarters of an hour to pump out the milk; while with the electric pump you can do it in 15 minutes. Here is how you do it:

Both hand and electric pumps have phalanges. They have to be placed over your nipples. The key to successful breast milk pumping is to select the phalanges of right size. This cannot be done by just roughly matching up the phalanges with your nipples. You should try them out and see how they work.

When you pump breast milk, your nipples should not get sore or cracked. You should not experience any pain or discomfort. So, if you do feel pain, try a different size of phalanges on your breast milk pump.

Now, you may pump one breast at a time, or double pump. This means, you pump two breasts simultaneously. Some women report, this allows them to pump out more milk.

When To Pump Breast Milk:

When you should pump really depends on why you are pumping. However, the best time is in the morning because this is when you have the most milk in your breasts. If you need to feed your baby and then leave it home for few hours with enough milk to last for one feeding, you may feed the baby and pump the milk simultaneously.

If you want to stimulate your breast to produce more milk for your baby, then you need to pump breast milk every time you feed your baby. First, feed the baby and then pump.

How To Pump More Breast Milk:

No trick works the same for everyone. However, most mothers notice their breasts start leaking, when they see babies or hear them laugh or cry. So, while pumping, you may turn on a video with your baby or watch some video with babies in it. You may record your baby’s voice on your cell phone and turn it on, when pumping.

You should also take time to massage your breast before you pump. Start with massaging your arm pits and move towards your areolas, making circle movements. Such massage stimulates milk production.

You may also want to get yourself a cup of milk tea few minutes before you start pumping breast milk.

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