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The Medela pump in style advanced double electronic breast pump is a limited edition Medela pump that is designed in order to suit every mothers need. This breast pump is manufactured to be able to handle frequent and continual use and will retain its quality and effectiveness.

The high level of comfort coupled with the overall design and functionality have made this pump a popular choice across the United States as well as in other countries.

It’s available for purchase in a chocolate color and its package includes a number of different accessories that will make your experience easier and more simple.

While this item has just a few drawbacks, one of the benefits that you will find with the Medela Pump In Style Advanced is its backpack styling features.

The backpack styling features are practically designed to make traveling with your baby a little easier and more enjoyable.

In addition, the breast pump features a two-phase expression technology that is developed in order to mimic the natural nursing patterns of the baby. This helps in making the work of the parent a little simpler.

2-Phase Pumping with One-touch let-down button

Being committed to making life easier for breastfeeding women, Medela, through research, learnt about the two phases of breastfeeding and inculcated this in their breast pump. Isn’t that simply sweet of them?

The first phase also called the stimulation phase, involves fast and light sucking by the baby to stimulate the flow of milk. This initial “let-down” phase is followed by the second phase which is the Expression Phase. Here, babies breastfeed slower and suck deeper, with more milk coming out faster.

The Medela Advanced Pump-in-Style Breast Pump begins with an initial two-minute cycle that mimics a baby’s initial sucking phase. You can push the let-down mode button so the pump will cycle faster and allow the breastmilk flow faster. After two minutes, the “expression cycle” automatically begins, pumping at a slower, longer rate. But Medela is kind enough to allow you manually change the phases with just a click, a push I mean, of a button. And not just that, with each mode, you can select your preferred suction strength. How much better can breast pumping get?

Stylish and handy microfiber bag

The bags I’m talking about here are the backpack and the tote bag. While they are both portable and made from comfortable microfiber material, the backpack is a little smaller than the tote bag and because it’s tall, it kinda makes you arrange things in stacks inside it so that if you need something from the bottom, you have to bring everything out. If you want a bigger and better-organized bag, then go for the tote. Oh did I mention that they’re also stylish and discreet so people cannot easily tell that you’re carrying a breast pump with you?

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Can be plugged in or powered by AA batteries

It also comes with an A/C adaptor and a battery pack (kindly buy your own batteries) that takes 10 AA batteries. If you need to use the pump in a car, please get a car adaptor. The importance and “usefulness” of the battery pack will be most appreciated when you’re traveling or when you have no outlet around you.

Comes with a complete set

From integrated motor unit, AC adaptor, battery pack, PersonalFit connectors, insulated cooler bag and ice pack, 5 ounce breast milk bottles, valves, 24 mm breast shields, tubing and instructions., dare I say that the Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced Breast pump comes with almost everything that you need to pump in style?

Separate Casing for Pump

I just read your mind. And you were asking yourself what the difference is between this Advanced and the original Medela Pump-in-style. Well, one of the differences is that the pump comes in its own little black casing that is not part of the backpack so you don’t have to carry the pump in it wherever you go. You can just leave it wherever you’ll use it, eg at work. This remarkably reduces the weight of what you have to carry around, wouldn’t you say? The original one had the battery as part of the bag.

Removable cooler bag with contoured ice pack

It comes with a small cooler bag in which you can insert an ice pack and then place the milk storage bottles around the ice pack to preserve them.

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All parts that touch breastmilk made without BPA

BPA means bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that is used to make certain plastics. And what’s wrong with it? Exposure to BPA has been associated with certain health effects on the behavior, prostate gland and brain of fetuses, infants and children. Enough about BPA. Back to the breast pump.

Portable and easy to use

The pump design is rather simple – setting it up and breaking it down takes almost no time. This can actually make pumping 5-6 times a day actually feasible! Another benefit is the fact that it can easily be carried while traveling (that’s what portable means) and it’s easy to sterilize, both in microwave and electric sterilizers.

Allows you pump anywhere, anytime

Because of the battery pack, you can pump almost anywhere (I’m sure you know the places you can’t pump). Once you have extra batteries in your bag, you’re good to go.

Produces more milk in less time

I know you love your baby but I also know that you don’t want to be pumping for longer than you have to. Thank goodness this breast pump has a strong suction strength. Most users have said that they can empty both breasts (double pumping) in about twenty minutes maximum. Plus 10 minutes for setting up and cleaning up. So within half an hour, you should be done pumping!

Holds four bottles to keep breastmilk cool

Included in the pack are four 5 oz bottles that can fit directly to the flanges and a cooler with ice pack. In case you don’t like the bottles enclosed, any standard-neck baby feeding bottle will do.

Pros and Cons Of Medela in Style Advanced pump!


  • It is very reliable and efficient
  • The pump is comfortable and fast
  • It is portable, thus can be carried anywhere
  • It is very quiet and does not produce a disturbing noise
  • It is hands free
  • It is designed with one-touch let down, which extracts more milk faster
  • It has adjustable speeds and suctions



  • It is a little pricey
  • Its battery pack has shorter life span
  • It has several parts making cleaning hectic
  • The pump is attached to the bag so you can remove it


Final Words – Wrapping it up

On the whole, the Medela in Style Advanced pump is a high quality product that performs well for daily use. In our conclusion, we would first like to recommend this breast pump to any mom who needs a great performance pump for everyday use.

Reading through this review, you must consider that this is a great performer breast pump that is perfectly designed to suit everyday use. One great thing you will definitely love with this breast pump is its ability to remove and express milk from both breasts most efficiently and effectively at the same time.

There are very few negative reviews of this product, however, one issue that has arisen for some users of this breast pump is a slight leak from improper fitting flanges. Although these flanges come in a number of different sizes, they may not fit perfectly on every customer as each woman is made so uniquely. In addition, because of the open cycle style of pumping, there is a slight chance of condensation remaining in the tubing, which presents the issue of possible mold growth.

With these issues aside, this product is made for the woman on the go, who wants to continue breast feeding her child and it accomplishes that task well.
The tote makes it easy to carry and bring with you on the go, and the pump is efficient and easy to use. This is truly a real time saver for busy or working moms. With 100% level of confidence, if you need a great double breast pump for everyday use that can support your everyday work life and travelling needs, the Medela in Style Advanced pump may be the ideal choice.

NB: However, if you are on a budget or if you do not need to pump very often, the Medela Manual breast pump is a very good alternative for you .

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