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With the Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra, nursing mothers get the convenience of just taking a break and relaxing or using their hands to do other tasks while they are pumping breast milk. An adjustable band is featured in this comfortable and soft stylish bra for a custom fit throughout your period of nursing.

There are two adjustable sizes in which this breast pump bra is available, namely XS/S/M and L/XL/XXL. It helps breastfeeding mothers multitask when they need to pump regularly. It keeps their hands free for other tasks, while the breast pumps are firmly and securely held to the breasts.

With this bra, mothers can read a magazine, talk on the phone, or type while they pump. An additional bonus, milk spillage is reduced by the secure bottle-holding design of the bra. As a result, pumping becomes more efficient and breast milk production is increased.

More Freedom While Pumping

Whether you choose to pump twice or ten times a day, you won’t complain about the time spent because you have your hands free to do other tasks while pumping breast milk with either the single or double breast pump. Just close your eyes and imagine that you don’t have to endure that boring TV channel anymore just because your hands are “tied-up” while pumping! It gets better. Your emails and urgent phone calls don’t have to be postponed either!

A comfortable and versatile breast pump bra

For lasting comfort, this machine-washable bra is made of 17% spandex and 83% soft cotton. The seams of the bra have been designed so that the sensitive skin areas are not irritated. All major brand electric breast pumps can be used with this bra and the pumping ability of both breasts at the same time is accommodated by it.

This bra has a convertible design, so it can be worn as a bustier, halter, or racer-back-style undergarment, allowing additional versatility. It is designed with the body of a nursing woman in mind, so the width of the back panel of the bra can be adjusted up to 10 inch, while an additional 2 inches of maneuverability between the breasts is allowed by the optional front zipper panel.

Throughout the whole nursing period, the bra can be customized to the changing shapes of breasts thanks to this combination.

Hands-free experience

The Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra is a splendid choice for nursing mothers who need to pump their breast milk and also go about their daily routines while at home. This easy to use breastpump bra makes it comfortable and easy to pump breast milk hands free. It ensures that the supply of nourishing breast milk is safely collected for the baby while the mother can go about her regular tasks.


The bra can half your pumping time and double your output. And I’m not exaggerating. I think this is because it makes pumping less stressful and allows you to use your hands to read, type, etc., and because it is tight across your entire bust which makes expressing more efficient.

Holds Bottle Securely and Secures Breast Shield Adequately

The Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra can actually support bottles completely full of milk and the breast shields do not slip down while pumping. The flanges fit in well and more importantly stay in place without you having to hold them because once you fit them in the bra, they don’t really move or come off, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the seal with little movements. The extra flaps that keep the breast shields in place beat the hole-in-a-sports-bra model of other bustiers hands down.

Works with All major Breast Pump Manufacturers

This bra is compatible with any breast pump that has flanges that can be placed in the bra- whether double, single, electric or manual pumps. But in my opinion, it is best used with electric best pumps.


This bra can be used with the zipper either going up to down, or from the bottom up. There are bra strap clips on the top and bottom. But according to the package, if you want to use manual pressure to get more milk out, you do the zipper from up to down, unzip it a little way and then you can compress your breasts to get more milk out.

Additional Information

Every mother is different; therefore, this adjustable bra is designed to fit every mother’s unique body. It has two front zippers, so the breast shields can be moved further apart or closer together by 2 inches to create a perfect fit. No slipping is ensured by this bra because it has an elastic reinforcement.

A secure and tight seal is maintained for breast shields because of its four-way layering support system. It can be worn throughout the day as a bra simply by slipping the nursing pads behind the holes of the breast shield. It will adjust to the ever-changing needs of a nursing mother.

Thus, for mothers who are breastfeeding their baby and have to juggle expressing milk and a lifestyle that is already hectic, this super comfortable Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra is a very useful device that.

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