Tips for Buying a Breast Pump

Whether it’s time to go back to work or just in need of some me time…breast pumps are a great tool for new moms who want to continue breastfeeding. And, as long as you can breastfeed, your baby will be getting the best nutrition possible.

A breast pump allows you to create a storage of the fuel that your little one needs, supplying someone else with the necessary components to feed your little boy or girl while you steal a handful of moments taking care of yourself. There aren’t a lot of shortcuts that you can take as a parent and feel too terribly good about, but this is absolutely one of them.

Of course, there are a number of different breast pump solutions on the market today for you to choose from – and the odds are, you don’t have time to browse through all of the different makes and models to find the very best for your specific needs. That’s why we’ve created these tips to help you cut through all the clutter and really zero in on one that will suit you and your baby the best, giving you the chance to have some peace of mind.

Ensure that you are always – always – buying brand-new equipment

While this tip doesn’t narrow down your choices by make or model, features or benefits, or any other specific detail, it might be the most important tip that you’ll read on this entire list.

Because we are living in a totally crippled economy with more and more people looking to find ways to stretch each and every dollar as far as they possibly can, the temptation for buying a used breast pump can be almost overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re looking at a model that would be otherwise completely and totally out of your price range, one that you had really set your sights on earlier.

The reason that you can’t go with a used pump – aside from the total gross out factor – is that there are a number of easily transmitted infections, diseases, and conditions that can survive even the most thorough of cleanings. We’re talking about things like HIV and hepatitis,  problems that new moms just don’t want to ever have to worry about.

Buying brand-new and staying away from used goods goes all the way down to the accessories and tools you’re going to use to maintain your breast pump – rules that just can’t be ignored.

Decide on an electric model or a manual one

Depending upon just how much time you’re hoping to squeeze out of the day, an electric model just might be right up your alley when looking for a new breast pump. They are almost entirely hands-free once you get the hang of things, allowing you to multitask while you stock up.

Of course, you don’t want to let your mind wander too far when you’re using an electric model – as it’s not going to stop pumping until you tell it to. This opens up the opportunity for some embarrassing accidents, but for the most part they are incredibly easy to use and ridiculously effective.

Manual pumps give you complete and total control over exactly how much you’re pumping and how often, as well as helping you to shut down the second that you feel any discomfort whatsoever. Obviously they are not as convenient as electric pumps, but they are also cheaper as well.

Make sure that it fits your baby bottles and other supplies

Probably one of the most underrated tips that you’ll find, is to make sure that your breast pump fits your baby bottles and other supplies perfectly. These kind of goods are nowhere near inexpensive, and the last thing you’ll want to do is have to run out and buy all new stuff just because your breast pump is incompatible.

Make sure that everything fits before you even begin to use the products, and you should be 100% in the clear.

You’ll also want to pay close attention to the reviews that each of the products you are considering buying have gotten, reading both the very best reviews and the negative ones as well, to get a fair and balanced look at what you’re going to be investing in.

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